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As every sports fan knows, the NBA is locked out until who knows when. Some players are taking their talents overseas (Deron Williams, Nenad Kristic, Jordan Farmar, Timofew Mozgov, Sasha Vujacic, Nicholas Batum) while others are considering it (Kobe). Yet some have resisted the urge to go overseas just to cash in the large paycheck….well at least thus far, who knows if they’ll give in and go play when the actual season is being canceled. Kevin Durant, the next face of the NBA, has taken his talents home to Washington DC to play with some local legends, fellow NBA players (Michael Beasley, John Lucas III), and D-1 college players. He has played 3 games, highlighted by his 66 point explosion at Rucker Park. Rucker Park is well known as the most famous street court in the world and is the crown jewel of street courts. This park brings out all the local DC fans to watch some great talent on the court play, talk smack, and show off their skills. One thing I noticed in this video is that their is the token white guy on the sidelines, other than that it’s your idea of a typical black street basketball game. Pretty sick stuff in my opinion. I wish I could play there. Without further ado, here is Durant at Rucker park.