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Welcome one and welcome all!
Let me educate you on the NBA and update you on how some teams look from around the league. I’ll attack the Western Conference first then hit up the eastern.

Western Conference Initial Thoughts

-Oklahoma City Thunder are good. REAL good. Kendrick Perkins looks like a whole new man. Of course, KD and Russ are studs. I look to see James Harden to score close to 19 points per game this season. The turnover bug has been a huge problem for Westbrook in their first two games..Thing is, it’s just his game. His style of basketball is and always will be turnover filled. He will turn the ball over and then make a great play in the lane. It’s just what he does. Look for the Thunder to Make the Finals this year and win 50 games. 50 Games is incredible in a 66 game season by the way.

-The mavs need help. I do not know what is wrong with them….oh wait, it’s the roster. Brendan Haywood is a backup in this league and so is Vince Carter. Carter is over the hill and looks like he has nothing left in the tank. He is well known for being one of the biggest wastes of talent of all time. He doesn’t practice hard and never developed his game when he was young and one the the brightest stars in the NBA. Bad habits die hard. Now he’s old and doesn’t like to practice. He will be waived by February. The Mavs need to sign one of the NBA players stuck in China such as JR Smith or Kenyon Martin. I Expect Lamar to fit in nicely with Jet and Dirk.

-LA Lakers. Need depth. Who is their fourth best player? Josh McRoberts? Metta World Peace? Any team with them as your fourth best player will not win a lot of games. I expect the Lakers to pull a desperation trade in an attempt to please Kobe Bryant. If I am Mitch Kupchak, I trade for Brandon Jennings. He is a talented young point gaurd who needs a larger market.

-LA Clippers. Looked impressive in opener. Should win a lot of games this year and go deep in the playoffs. THe battle for LA should be on.

-San Antonio Spurs. Pop knows how to coach in a lock out season. After the last lock out shortened season, the Spurs won their first championship to kickstart their mini dynasty.

-Memphis Grizzlies. I expect them to be a top 5 team in the west. Their only issue is figuring out what to do with Rudy Gay. Trade him or try to work in him as a complimentary piece?

-New Orleans Hornets. The trade with LA Lakers will scar this franchise for a long time. It will be remembered forever. They took the better trade with the Clippers and should be a fairly awful team this season. They have a nice trade piece in Chris Kaman and his cap friendly expiring contract. Should finish with 20 wins. if they are lucky.

-Portland Trailblazers. This franchise looks to enter a new era, post-Brandon Roy. They had the offseason pick up of the year in my opinion in Jamal Crawford for 2 years $10 million. Such a nice steal. Gerald Wallace will have a great season along side last year’s all star snub in Aldrich.

-Houston Rockets. Still mad that they didn’t get Pau Gasol in the LA-NO trade. Would have been perfect for the deepest team of mediocre talent in the league. They are a full 15 deep team. Being in the middle of the league is the worst a franchise can do. You either want to have the high draft picks and be awful or be really good and a championship contender. Otherwise might as well blow it up…That’s what I suggest if Trades cannot be made by Houston.

-Denver Nuggets. Have a great 10 man deep team. I look for them to surprise a lot of people this season and maybe push George Karl to be Coach of the Year.

– Sacramento Kings. They have a lot of nice young pieces. I am curious to see if Tyreke Evans and Jimmer Fredette can work together. Will there be enough shots to go around with the two of them and DeMarcus Cousins? We’ll see…

-Golden State. New coach. Same Players. No Defensive Players. Coach Wants Defense. No one currently fits the coach’s coaching philosophy. Not a lot of wins for Curry and Ellis this season.

-Phoenix Suns. They have Steve Nash and nothing else. No young talent besides Brook Lopez. Might as well trade Nash and get fifty cents on the dollar. Will Struggle this season and will end up in the bottom third of the rankings.

-Minnesota Timberwolves. Coach Adelman will have this team working hard every night this season. He is known to get the most out of very mediocre talent. He will install lots of cuts to the basket that will get easy points for this team. Adelman has some interesting talent to deal with. Between Rubio and Derrick Williams, I think this team is easily the most interesting in the league after the Clippers. Prediction: Rubio Will be a Knick once his contract is over in Minnesota. You heard it from me first!

-Utah Jazz. Not a lot going for them. Enes Kanter is going to be a nice talent in the league. Dark horse for rookie of the year. Otherwise…it’s a bad situation in Utah. They’ll regret not trading up to draft Jimmer.

Playoff Prediction: 

1. Oklahoma City

2. LA Clippers

3. Memphis

4. Dallas

5. Denver

6. Portland

7. LA Lakers

8. Minnesota