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It’s been a while since I have posted and I just have a couple of thoughts on this tonight’s draft. It’s sad because this is the last real sporting event at least in terms of NBA for more than likely a long time. SO enjoy it basketball fans.

What will Cleveland do?
They have to take Kyrie Irving at number one to start the rebuilding process that was created after “The Decision” and “LeCoward James aka The Frozen One.” This leaves Minnesota and David Kahn with the number two pick. They should take Derrick Williams with the number two pick, but they already have a ton of players who can play the 4 position including Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, Darko Milicic. It’s gonna be a stockpiling of players at a position and a fight for playing time. Minnesota needs to trade out of this position. David Kahn, Minnesota GM, needs to pull the trigger on the trade.
A couple of ideas are to either LA Lakers for Lamar Odom, Phoenix for Steve Nash (your mentor to Ricky Rubio, whom I think is WAY overrated), or San Antonio for Tony Parker (who is only leaving because he cheated on his wife with Brent Barry’s and that isn’t the “Spurs way”).

3. Utah has to take Jimmer Fredette. He has to be in a Utah Jazz uniform or I will be incredibly sad. Although, I don’t want to have him on the Jazz if I am a Thunder fan (which I am), I can’t live in a world where Jimmer isn’t on the Jazz playing alongside of Gordon Hayward. I just can’t.

Cleveland should trade around the number four pick or just take Enes Kanter. Kanter is a great practice player who reminds many people of (brace for it) Darko Milicic. He works hard in practice and looks amazing until he steps on the court, which hasn’t happened often considering he was ineligible at Kentucky and only has played 2 real games since high school. He’s a huge gamble and is a high risk, high reward player. Cleveland needs slam dunk prospects which is why I think they have to trade this pick to the highest offer. Regardless, I have no doubts Dan Gilbert will make the right decision. He’s one of the best owners in the league and will prove it. Mark my words.

Let’s skip down to the Thunder. I think they take an international prospect and ship him out for a couple of years like they did with Serge Ibaka. Rumor has it that Sam Presti is shopping around backup point gaurd, Eric Maynor. I don’t believe that Maynor is someone you want to trade. He’s a great backup guard who changes the pace from Westbrook and he brings different elements to the game. Presti apparently wants to get a lottery pick, which doesn’t make sense considering that this is a really really weak draft. This may be the weakest draft since 2000 where Kenyon Martin was taken first overall. I look for Presti to keep his pick or just ship it off entirely for future draft picks. If Presti does keep it, look for him to draft Tyler Honeycutt or Nikola Mirotic or Serbia. Write it down and Shut Up Nick!