Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Sports

Well, ok, maybe that’s an over exaggeration, but tonight’s win was huge for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder beat the Denver Nuggets 101-94 in Denver. This was a little preview of what the matchup between these two teams will be with this four and five seed playoff matchup.

This is why we traded for him.The Nuggets were red hot going into tonight’s game and were 15-4 since trading perennial All Star and whinny baby, Carmelo Anthony. Did anyone anticipate that? I certainly did not. The Nuggets were also 9-0 at home without Melo. Shut up Nick, they were playing easy home games. Since when were games against the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks and the Memphis Grizzlies easy games? Not this year. They have proven that they don’t need a star to win and will continue to impress every NBA fan. Meanwhile, Melo is struggling in New York and still plays the worst defense in the NBA. The Knickerbockers are a mere 11-12 since acquiring Carmelo Anthony. Forget About it New York. You won’t do well in the playoffs this season. Tell D’Antoni to learn how to coach defense and I’ll give this team a shot at winning in the playoffs. The Nuggets are the winners of this trade thus far and it’s not even close. They will be a scary out for the OKC THunder, but I expect the Thunder to win in 6 games.

Kendrick Perkins will dominate the paint and Kevin Durant will be too much for the Nuggets to defend. They have nobody on their roster that can stop him. Tonight’s win actually was Kevin Durant’s first win in Denver. This was the first time the Thunder have ever won a game in Denver technically. The last time the Thunder won a game in Denver, they were still known as the Seattle SuperSonics. The only member left over from that team that won in Denver? Nick Collison. This was a huge step tonight for the Thunder and it will give them loads of confidence since they will know that they can win in Denver.

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-Nick D.


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