It’s Baseball’s Opening Day

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Sports

Welcome ladies and gentlemen! It is finally here! MLB’s Opening Day!

At long last the baseball offseason is over. It’s time for teams to show the league and the nation what they have learned during their break. Here are some of my pre-season picks for this season and who I think will be I think will be in the World Series.

AL East

Boston wins the division since they spent the most money in the offseason. The higher the payroll, the better chances a team has to win the World Series. The past winners have proven that.

New York Yankees will make the postseason as the wild card.

AL Central

Chicago White Sox will win this division because they have the easiest inter-league schedule in the entire Major League. Shut Up Nick! assures that the White Sox will win this division

AL West

Texas Rangers have way too much experience after their improbable run to the World Series last year. Expect to see them in the post season again.

NL East

This division is easily the best in baseball in my opinion. Look for the Philadelphia Phillies to win the division with about 93-98 wins. I expect their bullpen to dominate hitters and their lineup to struggle hitting the ball. Utley is beat up and the rest of their hitters are getting old. Yet, they should have enough to hold off my favorite team and the most underrated team in the National League, the Atlanta Braves. The Braves should coast to 90 wins behind the bats of newly acquired Dan Uggla, young gun Jason Heyward, and the old balls, Chipper Jones. Jones should be ready to go and I expect a huge bounceback season from him to show the media that he’s still got it. Philly wins the division and Atlanta wins the wild card.

NL Central

I look for Cincinnati to win the division. No one in the media is picking them, but I think that Joey Votto proves he isn’t a one season mistake. Within this division, every team has a chance to win it, minus the Pittsburgh Pirates. St. Louis lost a valuable pitcher but can definitely expect Albert Pujols to have a monster contract year before he says screw you St. Louis and leaves them ala LeBron James. It’s gonna be “The Decision with Albert Pujols 2.0.”

NL West

Sorryboutcha San Francisco. I expect the LA Dodgers to win the division. New manager. New feel. New life. I expect the players to  play hard for Joe Mattingly on their way to the division title.

Bold Statement: The Atlanta Braves upset the Philadelphia Phillies on their way to the World Series, where they lose in a game 7 to the Boston Red Sox.

Thank you for reading Shut Up Nick! and as always, Go Braves!


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