Bigger Does Not Necessarily Mean Better: Part 1

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Sports

When one says that “Bigger is Better,” I can’t agree with them in the terms of basketball and football. Bigger food portions? Can’t fight that when I eat it all. Anyhow, in sports, it has come to my attention that the sports world doesn’t need that extra portion sometimes.

Let’s take a closer look at things by starting with the NCAA College Football and their bowl system. In the past few years, the NCAA has tacked on several bowl games and it has ballooned up to a whopping 35 games. The top 70 teams make a bowl game to top off a season’s success. The problem is that teams can make a bowl game despite having a losing record, like finishing at 6-7 for example, since only 6 wins are required to become bowl eligible. What does this mean? More football does not mean it’s good football. Yes, some of the seats may be sold, but the majority of the seats are empty at the Little Caesar’s Bowl featuring a tasty matchup between Florida International and Toledo. Yawn. It’s time to cut these games and tell college football teams that you have to be actually had to have a winning and successful season to earn a bowl bid. Hopefully one day, it will become prestigious again to get invited to a bowl game, not expected.

My proposal? Let’s cut these games with the reasoning for low attendance and for the sake of good football. Warning: Some of the names of these games are all real and not made up….They are just stupid. And here are the bowls that we can get rid of.

1. The MAACO Bowl Las Vegas: Let’s get rid of this game because it usually is not a good game. This bowl is smart by getting big time mid major schools that aren’t in the power conferences to play in it every year. It’s usually not a good game and is typically very lopsided. Bad matchups and low attendance are reasons for it. Despite as cool of a city Las Vegas, bowls should be in warm weather. Let’s cut this one.

2. Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl: It’s in Detroit and typically features Central Michigan. No history and pageantry behind it as well.

3. Humanitarian Bowl: How would you like to be a player from well anywhere and you are bowl eligible. You are keeping your fingers crossed for a nice, warm place to celebrate your football season and word gets around to you that your team will be playing in Idaho! It’s just a bit of a downer..Cut it.

4. Bowl: Need I say more?

5. Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

6. Meineke Care Care Bowl.

7. Poinsettia Bowl

8. BBVA Compass Bowl: It’s formerly known as the Bowl in case you didn’t know. What you didn’t know this!?!?!

9. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl.

There we have 9 games that we can get rid of. If I actually had some say in NCAA business, I would beg of them to get rid of some of these bowls. Bring back good Football.


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