Most Exciting Trade Deadline Moves Ever?

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Sports

What’s good Readers?

Yes, that was my lame attempt at acting like a professional basketball player who has fans…

Anyhow. Let’s take a look at the Trade Deadline. We have yet to analyze the moves.

1. The Portland TrailBlazers receive Gerald Wallace.

Charlotte Bobcats get 
• F Dante Cunningham
• C Joel Przybilla
• C Sean Marks
• 2011 first-round pick (from Hornets) and 2013 first-round pick
• Cash considerations

The Blazers decided to be buyers rather than sellers at the deadline, hoping that this would be the piece needed to give them hope in the playoffs. I can’t fight the move by them. They make smart trade deadline moves that seem to work out, as evident by the Marcus Camby move last year. The Bobcats have given away Nazr Mohammed, Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton, and Hall of Fame Coach, Larry Brown. Quite an overhaul, considering all these players are playing out of their minds or talent level right now. Fans better hope Michael Jordan has a plan, something he hasn’t had in his executive years yet. The Bobcats seem doomed to move to Vancouver…Just a thought.


Celtics get:
• 2017 second-round pick

Kings get:
• F-G Marquis Daniels
• Cash considerations

Not a bad move. Pretty pointless though considering Daniels is hurt. Must be to open up a spot on the bench for Troy Murphy. I’m interested to see what Danny Ainge does after the Big 3 breaks apart. Yes, they are old, but they’ve gotta give into age eventually!?!?!


Suns get:
• G Aaron Brooks

Rockets get:
• G Goran Dragic
• Future first-round pick

Nice move by the rockets. Brooks wasn’t in their long term plans and they really wanted to open the floor for Kevin Martin. First round pick is always sexy as we know. The Suns get a nice, young point guard that can learn from Steve Nash and be their point guard of the future once Nash’s contract is up. Good moves by both sides.


Thunder get:
• C Nazr Mohammed

Bobcats get:
• F D.J. White
• G Morris Peterson

Personally, as a Thunder fan, I love this move. White has a lot of talent and can flourish in the right situation. Peterson is a nice expiring contract and will give the Bobcats some nice cap space going into the summer offseason. The Thunder get a defensive big and get some needed height out of some players that were never going to see the floor..besides DJ in the D-League.


Grizzlies get:
• F Shane Battier
• G Ish Smith

Rockets get:
• C Hasheem Thabeet
• Future first-round pick

Good move for both teams. The scrappy Memphis team gets another defensive mind player for their playoff push. I think the Grizz could be real scary in the playoffs against the Spurs or a top seed. Great move to get Battier. They also got rid of Thabeet, who needed a change in scenery and the Grizzlies needed to drop him in order to move on past their awful draft that year.


Cavaliers get:
• C Semih Erden
• F Luke Harangody

Celtics get:
• 2013 second-round pick

Doesn’t make any sense for the Celtics…


Cavaliers get:
• G Baron Davis
• 2011 first-round pick (from Clippers)

Clippers get:
• F Jamario Moon
• G Mo Williams

Good move for both teams. The Cavs need draft picks, the clippers wanted to dump Baron and his fat ass. He’s always overweight..I’m surprised he hasn’t eaten himself out of the league.


Hawks get:
• G Kirk Hinrich
• F Hilton Armstrong

Wizards get:
• G Mike Bibby
• G Jordan Crawford
• G Maurice Evans
• 2011 first-round pick (from Hawks)

Great move by the wizards to get Crawford who has loads of talent but is extremely raw. Bibby is now on Boston. The Hawks dumped Bibby, who can’t defend worth his life, to get a real defender in Hinrich. Interesting move. Either way, the Hawks weren’t going to make damage in the post season.


Thunder get:
• C Kendrick Perkins
• G Nate Robinson

Celtics get:
• F Jeff Green
• C Nenad Krstic
• Future first-round pick (from Thunder)

Celtics needed to get a wing defender to guard a member of the “Heatles” in the post season, yet gave up their crutch while doing so. Perk will bring tenacity to the Thunder defense, something that it has never had in the paint. Great move on the Thunder side, while it’s still yet to be seen if it’s a good move by Boston. If Boston wins the title, no one will question it. If they lose in the playoffs, Green will be blamed and the trade will have backfired.


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