What’s Up In the NBA?!?!

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Sports

Wow. I really don’t even know where to start in regards to this NBA trade deadline. So much has happened, I’m just blown away.

Let’s start at the trade that everyone was hoping would finally get done..in spite of the drama that ESPN created with the whole “Melo-drama.”

The 3 team trade that sent All Star and possible future Hall of Famer, Carmelo Anthony, to the New York Knickerbockers. It’s been extremely irritating as a sports fan since about June in regards to this story. This drama began last June at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding with an infamous toast by Chris Paul saying that ‘he would form a Big 3 in New York with Carmelo and Amare Stoudemire, that would be better suited for NBA Championships for many years to come.’ Chris Paul is one of my favorite players in the league, but was not thinking one bit when he made those comments. As we know, Amare went to the Knicks and has made them relevant on his own, bringing them up to over .500 in the standings. What Carmelo Anthony has done just makes me absolutely sick. His ego took the best of him when he decided to rip a perennial playoff contender apart so that he could win championships in a Knicks jersey. I’m sorry Spike Lee, but your team is no where near a Eastern Conference championship yet. Carmelo’s Ex-Nuggets were the best chance for Melo to get a ring around his finger. It’s sad to say that the NBA is no longer ran through the General Manager of the franchises for the most part and now resolves around what their star 20 year old, black athlete wants. It’s absolutely ridiculous because back in the day, Jordan would kill someone in their team offices if it were mentioned that they were going to acquire Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, or Patrick Ewing. It would have made those guys sick to their stomachs to play with Jordan. Where has the killer instinct gone? Why do players want to team up and win a championship together rather than rip the other’s heart out in the playoffs? It’s pathetic. Carmelo did give 7 years of his professional basketball career to Denver and Denver didn’t get a Championship contender together that had a real chance. It’s sad.  I definitely agree with Denver wanting to get Carmelo out of town so that they could avoid losing their star and becoming the next bottom feeders of the league like Cleveland and Toronto. Carmelo held the future of at least 10 people at stake. Chauncey Billups started his career in Denver, won a Championship in the Motor city with the Pistons, and came home to end his career. How’s he supposed to tell one of his best friends, George Karl, goodbye? How is he supposed to tell the fan base he loves, goodbye? I know that’s the business in the NBA but Billups deserved to finish his career in his home and not be just another piece that gets Carmelo his final wish.

My advice to small market NBA Teams? Don’t draft players with character problems or massive egos. Draft a guy like Kevin Durant or Tim Duncan. Get a high IQ basketball player, who cares about winning and beating the other guys rather than wussing out and joining them. I hope for Carmelo to utterly fail in New York. I hope Carmelo is unable to get out of the first round for the rest of his life in the playoffs. I hope he learns his lesson that he had something special in Denver with a great supporting cast, coach, cap space, and a fan base that adored him. Go away Carmelo. I’m fine with seeing you on billboards in the New York area, I just hope you are never raisning a banner in New York.

On to another issue, Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets. Wow. Words can’t describe how blown away I am. Deron Williams made Jerry Sloan throw his arms in the air and just say “I’m done with this kid!” and forced him into early retirement. Clearly this franchise was torn between “do we want Sloan? Our Hall of Fame Coach and Face of the Franchise for over two decades?” or “Should we side with our young all star point gaurd?” Utah just sent Deron Williams away to avoid becoming the 2012 drama of the year with the whole “Is he going to resign, will you trade him, what’s going to happen?” circus. That’s the word to describe what happened in Denver with Carmelo, Cleveland with Lebron aka ‘LeQuitter,’ and in Toronto with Chris “Fake Tough Guy” Bosh. Utah wanted to avoid the circus and show their fan base that no one player is larger than the franchise. That’s exactly what they did. Deron Williams found out about this trade this morning, just like America, on ESPN and SportsCenter. Pissed would be an understatement in how upset he was/is currently.

I applaud Utah. Yes, they just gave away the Northwest Division Title to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a couple years, but they didn’t want to become the small market team with an unhappy superstar looking to force his way to a certain team. The Jazz said screw you Deron, we don’t want your circus next year, and we are going to get one hell of a deal out of sending you and your problematic attitude away. Brilliant. Way to go Utah Front Office. New Orleans should take note if Chris Paul tries the exact same stunt. Small market teams need to stick together and prove to the NBA that they will not be pushed around and will not be contracted.

Just another day in the NBA…Insane.


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