NFL Coaching Carousel

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Sports

What a regular to season to remember in the National Football League! From redemption stories, to disappointments, and concussions, this season has been anything but regular. What we expected to happen this season, didn’t. It felt like week in and week out, the unexpected happened. The NFL coaching carousel has never been as crazy as it has been this season. With a potential lockout on the horizon, NFL franchises are wanting to find their new head coach to lead them through the potential lockout, with the goal to be better when/if the 2011 season begins.

Let’s take a look the NFL Head Coaching Jobs. Starting by each division

NFC West-

Arizona Cardinals- Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt is definitely safe. Although the cardinals struggeled this season and failed to win arguably the easiest division in NFL history, Whisenhunt lead them to division titles and even a Super Bowl during his tenure there. Definitely safe.

Seattle Seahwaks- Head Coach Pete Carroll is absolutely safe. Rarely in the NFL do head coaches get just one year, especially one with the coaching success that he has had. Seattle has hitched their wagon to Carroll and plan to ride it and see where it leads them.

San Francisco 49ers- Already Fired Head Coach Mike Singletary. They want to win desperately and regain some respect. Singletary wasn’t the man for the job. He couldn’t pick a quarterback and when he did,  he just argued with them on the sidelines. He’ll make a great defensive coordinator somewhere in the league. Who can they hire? Well they want ideally Jim Harbaugh of Stanford. He’s done an incredible job with the Stanford football program. The 49ers would convince him that he wouldn’t have to move and that he needs a new challenge in the NFL. I believe Harbaugh stays in college at Stanford. It just seems too good to be true. I think they go after Tennessee head coach, Jeff Fisher.

St. Louis- Steve Spagnu0lo.  Safe. Safe. Safe. Lead them from 1-15 to either 7-9 or 8-8 depending on tonight’s game against the Seahawks.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles-Andy Reid. They love him in Philly….and they booed Santa Claus.

Washington Redskins- Mike Shanahan has had an awful year, but he’s safe. the Redskins have no better options than him.

Dallas Cowboys-They Fired Head Coach Wade Phillips earlier in the year. They have several options, but I believe that they will remove the interim title and make Jason Garrett the head coach. Otherwise, Jon Gruden may be an option. I’m 100% sure that Jerry Jones makes Garrett the head coach. He’s seen enough to know that Garrett is head coach material.

New York Football Giants- Head coach Tom Coughlin will return next year. He’s a great football coach and the Giants are aware of that. Expect minor tweaks to be made to this team in the offseason. Maybe Bring back Plaxico Burress? He’ll be out of jail and maybe can redeem himself like Mike Vick.

NFC North-

Chicago-Lovie Smith can expect a contract extension. Safe.

Green Bay Packers- Mike McCarthy is definitely safe. He’s kept the Packers relevant despite many injuries.

Minnesota Vikings. Expect to see interim head coach Leslie Frazer back next season. He’s the right man for the job.

Detroit Lions- Call me crazy but I think the Lions, lead by Jim Schwartz, are poised to have a nice season next year as long as the schedule is manageable. They need a healthy season from former number one pick, Matthew Stafford, but they are headed up sooner rather than later in my mind. Expect 8 or 9 wins at most. Call me Crazy.

NFC South-

Easiest Division to decide. Head coaches Mike Smith of Atlanta, Sean Payton of New Orleans, and Raheem Morris are all safe for years to come. Raheem Morris of Tampa Bay has filled this roster with talented rookies and can expect to be there for many years to come.

Carolina Panthers-John Fox’s contract expired and his time is now out in Carolina. He’s had a really good run and can expect to be a head coach somewhere next year no doubt. They need someone like a Jeff Fisher but probably won’t get him. There are no rumored coaches interested in the job. The appeal is that they will have the number one pick. Ideas are Jon Gruden, Jack Del Rio if he’s fired, Rob Ryan, or dark horse Mike Singletary.

AFC East-

Buffalo’s Chan Gailey, NY Jet’s Rex “I Have a Foot Fetish” Ryan, and arguably the best head coach in the league, Bill Belichick are all no brainers and staying in their current positions next year.

Miami Dolphins- Head Coach Tony Sparano can expect to be jobless by the end of the month. His players quit on him in the last few games and the Dolphins need a new leader. Look for Bill Cowher to be interested in the job. I think this is the job for him to get back into the NFL. It’s a good roster that needs some tweaks and Cowher is the man for the job. He can challenge the Jets and Pats for AFC East Supremacy.

AFC South-

Indianapolis Colts-Don’t need to talk about the AFC South champs.

Houston Texans- Expect Gary Kubiak to be back next season. He’ll be back next season according to NFL sources. He’s gotta get a new defensive coordinator. Mike Singletary maybe? That would be a perfect fit and may be the solution to Houston’s defensive problems.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Jack Del Rio was a dead man walking before this season. His Jags actually had a surprising season and I expect him to be back next season. The Jags don’t have any better options so they’ll keep him around and try to continue to build from last season.

Tennessee Titans- Jeff Fisher has been the face of the franchise since 1994 when they were in Houston. He’s lost control of the team though. He’s an extremely loyal coach and trusts veteran coaches and players and doesn’t change them up very often. I expect owner Bud Adams to let Jeff Fisher go. He’ll take the side of Vince Young in the Jeff Fisher/Vince Young debacle. No one knows who Bud Adams may be interested in hiring since it’s been so long since the franchise has had another head coach. Expect to see Jeff Fisher back somewhere as a head coach in the NFL next season, either in Minnesota, Denver, San Francisco, Miami or anywhere looking to upgrade to a proven NFL leader who is hungry for a Super Bowl.

AFC North-

Baltimore, Pittsburgh can both expect their head coaches to be back for many years to come.

Cincinnati Bengals- Expect Marvin Lewis to be gone next season. It’s time for this divorce. He lost control of the team with the whole Ochocinco and T.O. experiment. It’s time to move in a new direction. Expect the roster to be exploded. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chad Ochocince, T.O, and Carson Palmer all to be gone next season. I think Marvin Lewis becomes the next head coach at the University of Pittsburgh. I expect them to hire outside the box. I’m going to go with John Fox, former/current Carolina Panthers head coach who has been fired as of yesterday. Most likely: John Fox. Dark horse:  Brad Childress.

Cleveland Browns- Expect Eric Mangini to be gone next year. President of the Browns, Mike Holmgren gave him a one year trial run and it didn’t work out. Candidates are Rob Ryan…and pretty much a bunch of no name coaches.

AFC West-

Kansas City, Oakland and San Diego all will keep their head coaches.

Denver Broncos- They need a face of their franchise, besides Tebow. They need to bring in a coach who has faith in Tim Tebow. They need to trade Otron to the highest bidder and try to build on Tebow. Dark horse for the job…Urban Meyer. How cool would a Florida reunion be in Denver and the NFL? It definitely would make the Denver media happy.


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