The Stories that go Untold

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Sports

As I sat there the other day reading,, or whoever decided to break the Brett Favre story, where Favre allegedly sent racy pictures of himself and left voicemails on the cell phone of Jenn Sterger. I thought for a second, who is Jenn Sterger and why would Brett Favre want to seduce her? As curious as I was, I pulled open my laptop and googled her name. At least the old man has excellent taste. Sterger is definitely one of those drop dead model type of girls. Then I thought to myself, wasn’t there a woman next to Favre when he gave his tearful goodbye to the Green Bay Packers and the game he loved so much? Isn’t that his wife, Deanna Favre? Didn’t Brett help Deanna while she battled with breast cancer? (She overcame breast cancer and started to raise funds for the cure.) How could Brett Favre, my favorite quarterback of all time, deceive me, the media, his family, and his wife into thinking that he is just an old, innocent man playing football?

An unexpected news story in sports, most commonly a scandal, is about as often as Barry Sanders used to stop on a dime and make defenders miss. Within the last year, Big Ben Roethlisberger sexually assaulted multiple women, Tiger Woods had sex with hundreds of women for all we know while being married, Ines Sainz was catcalled by the entire New York Jets locker room while interviewing Mark Sanchez, and LeBron James screwed over not just one person but the entire state of Ohio! Sorry, I’m still a little bit bitter about the LeBron ordeal.

Anyhow, clearly our heros aren’t who we thought they were. It’s extremely disappointing to see that even Favre has used his fame to his advantage with women. Although he’s clearly one of the best signal callers of all time (except in the NFC Championships on the last play…), Favre is clearly not one of the best family man of all time.

The media tends to focus on the negative as we all know, but this is particularly so in sports. It’s time for ESPN and others to focus on guys like Drew Brees, who works in the community whenever he isn’t on the football field. He also goes to the children’s hospital and visits with kids regularly. Or my personal favorite, Derek Fisher, who plays for the LA Lakers. As hard as it is to cheer for the Lakers, I love and hope the best for D-Fish. Several years ago, the Lakers decided that they didn’t need Fisher to win a championship, citing that he wasn’t able to defend quicker point guards. One of the Lakers rivals, the Utah Jazz, decided to sign Fisher the following offseason. It was near the end of the year when the Fisher family found out that their daughter, Tatum, had a rare form of an eye cancer. The hospitals that were able to treat young Tatum were in larger cities that Salt Lake City, Utah. Derek kept traveling back and forth from Los Angeles at the hospital where his daughter was receiving treatment. It was the second round of the 2007 playoffs. Derek Fisher was left on the roster for game two of the series, but coach Jerry Sloan thought there was no way Fisher would be able to play in the game. In the middle of the third quarter, Fisher made his way onto the court and was received from the fans y thunderous applause. Fisher lead his team to a victory and provided to be the spark the the Jazz was looking for in the game and in the series against a red hot Golden State team. After the Jazz fell short in five games to the eventual champion San Antonio Spurs, the Jazz and the Fisher family learned that it would be too much for Derek to continue to play in Utah, while most of his time needed to be spent in LA. The Jazz decided that it would be gratious to Derek Fisher when he asked to be let go from his contract, so that he could play for a team that was within the same city as the health care that Tatum needed.

Derek eventually was released and signed with the LA Lakers again. That move irked the Jazz fans who thought that D-Fish just wanted to return to his old team. Young Tatum Fisher eventually overcame her bad luck and is living a healthy life.

It’s stories like these that need to be well known and on the front page of Sports Illustrated. People like Larry Miller, former Jazz owner, who let Fisher go because it was the right thing to do, that deserve more recognition that the scandals that corrupt the sports world.


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