You do not exist without having a profile on Facebook

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Facebook

We all use facebook.

Since my former roommate has reported me at my old university (University of Central Oklahoma), I’ve realized that facebook takes up a significant portion of my life away from me. Side note here, I was reported by my ex-roommate for asking him if he still wanted to be friends after some stupid made up BS that went down last summer. Anyhow, clearly I did not deserve my facebook to be de-activated.

Back to topic and off the mini rant, facebook takes up so much time. I check it before class, maybe even during class if it’s boring, I’ll chat people in the afternoon/late evenings to waste time, and I even used to receive push notifications on my Iphone telling me when “Ben commented on something Sean posted on your wall.” It almost became a task just keeping up with notifications and who liked my status about how awesome that new Maroon 5 album is. It really is that awesome though.

I watched a South Park episode the other day, where Stan’s facebook profile becomes a real person and even tries to take on a life of its own. I look at it and realize it’s true. Facebook is you. It’s how people know their friend’s last names and how to spell them. It’s how I can remember that girl I went to youth group with once yet never saw again til I ran into her on campus and felt like an ass for not remembering her name. Granted if I did remember her name, I can credit facebook. Curse Facebook for making her remember my name and making her talk to me when we don’t know each other! It’s how I can look back at memories from the Winter Dance junior year or any other event. I just think of how much time I have spent talking to a lady or the times where you will actually hang out with someone in person all day long then get home and continue talking to them on facebook. I just wonder how much time I have spent within the last four years just sitting in front of my computer screen waiting for them to reply on chat or comment back to the “lol” I just posted 45 seconds ago. Granted I surf the web or watch the television while I facebook, but never the less, I admit that I have wasted a ton of time on facebook. Everyone does…so don’t call me a loser lol. (First time I have used lol in over 4 days! It seems like a decade!)

It’s almost kind of nice that I have been basically non-existent to all of my “friends” on facebook for over 4 days now. Kind of a taste of freedom actually. I doubt anyone actually cares that I don’t exist in the eyes of facebook currently and I do wonder how many of my 495 friends miss me or even realize that I am gone. It’s odd not receiving push notifications saying “Ethan sent you a message,” or receiving the latest mass inbox message from the church youth group informing me of the events upcoming. I do need the church to remind me of the upcoming events. It’s things like that guy from high school that I haven’t talked to in years, I’m glad I don’t feel obligated currently to write a happy birthday comment on his wall. That bothers me and is totally unnecessary.

I realize that I won’t have any readers since I always post my status as a link to my main blog home page, which is (I gotta advertise somewhere…which makes no since considering you already are at my page…[insert confused face here]). I hope someone reads this and realizes how much time and control Mark Zuckerberg and the geeks at Facebook control our lives.

Who am I kidding? No one will read this since I don’t exist on Facebook to advertise my personal Blog.

I know I won’t be long gone from facebook since it is almost necessary for a college person to have since everything is done through there, but we’ll see how long I can get away without feeling the need to create a new one since the Big Brother at facebook won’t let me on until further notice. Until the Facebook Gods deem me worthy of returning to facebook, I actually plan on enjoying my small portion of freedom from the profile that has taken a life of its own, under the name of Nick Dorety.



  1. Zach Yokell says:

    ^this link should bring a list of your old friends if you use it correctly

  2. DOTA says:

    haha i like how you just called out renfrow here. This is funny =P

  3. Clayton says:

    Haha I read it too

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